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We have compiled newspaper accounts of the shooting death of Felix Pappalardi, as well as the arrest and trial of his wife Gail Collins. We will also be sharing interviews given by Felix in which he shares his thoughts on a variety of subjects.

Because of the age and relatively small print type of the actual articles, we have retyped them on this website in order to make them easier to read. You should know that the content of the text of the articles have not been altered in any way. The accompanying photos of Gail Collins and Felix Pappalardi have been reduced in size to accomodate your monitor and to reduce their file size, thus minimizing the load time of the page. Other than that, they are as they appeared in the articles they were taken from.


Articles on Felix Shooting/Gail Collins Trial
Articles written shortly after Felix' shooting
A rambling, generally uninteresting article about Felix and Rock n roll
Gail Collins trial articles. Very interesting stuff
Trial Testimony from Gail Collins and others
LW and Corky's wife sound off in court
Articles covering the dramatic conclusion of the trial
General Articles
A neat 1971 article from a now-rare magazine called Planet
Encyclopedia inserts on Felix Pappalardi
Outtakes on Felix producing the punk band The Dead Boys
Obituary from Rolling Stone magazine, May 1983
1974 Radio City Music Hall review from Rolling Stone magazine
Articles on Felix pre and post Mountain from Billboard magazine
Felix gets gold record for Disraeli Gears, mulls solo offers
1972 Mountain article from Sweden's HiFi & Musik magazine (translated)
1972 Guitar Player interview with Felix. EXCELLENT story, highly informative
Richard Robinson interviews Felix about bass playing
Extensive interview with Felix by Bud Scoppa from his book, "Rock People."
Outtakes from Felix on a variety of subjects
Felix Discusses Gail Collins, Owen Coffin, Mountain Break-up, etc.
Felix Pappalardi Interview, New Musical Express, March 1972
Check out what the Illustrated Encyclopedia of Rock says about Mountain
1971 ZigZag Interview...a MUST Read!
Pappalardi.com interviews Creation Guitarist Flash Kaz Takeda
1968 pre-Mountain interview with Felix on his role as a producer from Crawdaddy
Pappalardi.com interviews David Rea
Concert reviews of a "new" band called Mountain...in 1969!
1974 Rolling Stone review of Twin Peaks
1972 Rolling Stone review of Flowers Of Evil
1972 Rolling Stone review of The Road Goes Ever On
Mountain album and song reviews from early 70's Melody Maker magazines


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