These are extremely rare photos that you simply will not find anywhere else. These were taken shortly after the Wedding of Felix Pappalardi and Gail Collins. Pictured with the couple is a young Jack Bruce and his wife Janet Godfrey with baby son Jonas.

Sadly, young Jonas died in 1998 from respiratory complications. That the smiles and happiness displayed in this photo could eventually turn to such tragedy is the worst kind of irony. Life is indeed fragile...and happiness fleeting.

Our sincere thanks to Phil Beards of Birminghand, England and John Morawski of Bensalem, Pa. for making these extraordinary photos available. Strong evidence that it is the fans of Felix Pappalardi all over the world that truly drive this Website.

If you are in possession of photos or memoribilia that you would like to share with the world, please contact us via e-mail.


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